Sunday, September 19, 2010

Suck it September!

Alas, I have been cheating on my blog with my dirty little Role Play habit. Which I admit, is a decedent and guilty pleasure that I can't stop wasting my time with.

I love it. I hate it. I'm it's bitch. Though, I just took a quick look on my page, and the shame for doing it was intensified by ten fold one tweet at a time. After the 140 character ass chapping wears off, I'll should probably do the smart thing and reach for the delete key. But I probably won't. So for now, I seethe over shit that really should only bother a 13 year old.

Yeah, I own it! Shamefully so.

None the less, once again I attempt to pull that crack needle out of my arm so I can return to life to be both thrilled and disgusted by things and people up close and personal.

And the beauty is, that if I only spent a quarter of time on this than I did on the hot mess of my dirty little secret, I may actually have a respectful body of work. But no time like the present, so here I am again. Typing my way through the craziness that spews from my even crazier head.

But fear not, all four of you that read this!! You can all sleep better knowing that even in the midst of my bullshittery else where on the nets, I have been collecting tid bits and nuggets of fun that I meant to post on here, and I will do it. Just as soon as I adjust my meds.

What? I keep it real yo!

Well, I'd keep writing some more, but you've all been saved by The Mister who likes to bust my train of thought by asking me some crap that I never know how to answer, hence loosing whatever it was I was trying to write on here.

RUDE! No honey for him!

So, yes, more to come, God willing. Wish me luck, all four of you. I'm gonna need it.


  1. "But fear not, all four of you that read this!" hahahaha. Sometimes the 'dirty little secret' is entertaining though!