Saturday, January 29, 2011

Political Bees: Rahm you to hell!

As some of you may or may not know, the mayoral election here has panties in a giant twist up the ass of the Windy City. Even if people don’t live in the city, they are more than happy to share with you their two, unwanted cents (of which they don’t have to pay taxes) about who is the best candidate for our new mayor.

So I’ve noticed thus far, there are a shit ton of little old, suburban ladies, who are more than happy to fake vote and dry hump Rahm Emanuel’s, fully residential leg as if they care about the public school system with a burning passion that rivals the heat of the sun.

I’m not sure if it’s the hotness hypnosis combined with menopause as to why these Ladies Who Lunch have a strong opinion on why Rahm’s name should be on the ballot. Not just his name, but also a picture of him naked, using his foul mouth to suck the cap off of a Metamucil bottle, and wash it down with a shot glass of prune juice and a cumadin chaser.


Not the actual point of the Political Bees Blog, sad as it seems.

The point in this case wasn’t Rahm should or shouldn’t be on that ballot. As we know, that ship sailed into Lake Michigan’s poisoned waters last week. The Bees take issue with those who get too wound up about an election that they have nothing to do with.... a public place... a celebration meal.

I take ownership that it was myself who brought up the subject, but it was only as a last ditch attempt to change the conversation from the illness of the month to something less depressing. I didn’t think that it would turn into a point of contention where they would have to be correct on points of minutia that didn’t have anything to do with what I was saying. It’s also my fault that I forgot about the handicap about the person I was with. They can be hard of hearing, if you know what I mean.

But oh well, works for Rahm! I learned a lesson, and it seems he’s got another fangirl!


Rahm on!


PS: For those of you who enjoy a good parody tweet, go say hello to @MayorEmanuel. He’ll give it to you rough! (Sadly, after Rahm won that shizz, his tweet impostor drop his handle with a quickness, gave up his place as a rock star in local pop culture, and went back to being a lowly, hipster, teacher of journalism at Columbia College, my ala mater. I sure am proud.

No. For real. I am!! *Cliched Fist Pump!*


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