Monday, July 26, 2010

Pre-planning NYE Resolutions

I, Bootsy, have decided that come 2011, I am going to wash my own mouth out with soap, and cut down on my potty language.

That's right, you're seeing it here first, all posted on the nets in attempt to keep my ass accountable.

No more shit-fuck-damn-piss-hell for me unless the situation REALLY calls for it. My favorite words, such as shiteous, shitballs, shithead, fucktarded, fucker, fuck my life, punk ass bitch, bitch ass punk, bitches bitch, bitch and half, two bitches, bitches as is, ass bastard, sucks ass, and douche lord will only be spoken for special occasions, such as birthdays of the damned or encounters with those sent from hell to thwart my attempts to be pure, holy, and well mannered.

You bitches better not jinx my ass and place money bets on how quickly it takes me to fuck it up. Like, by 12:01 AM and some shizz.

At least give me to 12:30 AM.

But until then, it's a fuckin' free for all. Bitches.

*Alcohol related incidents are excluded and excused. Damnit.

** I will also cut out the word "like" as a bridge to other words. Kelly Bin Simone I Also, being raised in the era of the Valley Girl is no longer an excuse. I'm almost 40. Even I know like all the ass.

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  1. But I love your colorful peppered blogs! You can’t do this to me! Nooooo!